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What I do

I am a software developer born in Leipzig in Germany. Currently I am working as a developer for C++ but I have experience in pure C, C#, Perl and Python.

Since good notebooks are expensive and you never get the configuration you want I disassemble notebooks to upgrade the HDD, SSD, network card and similar components. In the past, there were special maintenance flaps built in most of the notebooks, but since these are gone, there is no chance to upgrade any components than by tearing down the whole thing.

Computers and electrical devices used to be a hobby. Since these things are my job, I had to find another hobby. My best friend is really into cars and motorcycles. At some point, he got me. Thus you will find also a lot car and motorcycle related topics on this page.



What is the intention of this page?

To be honest: I don't know. Since the day, I knew what a domain is, I wanted to have this particular domain for having an e-mail address with my last name as domain. When it was for sell, I negotiated about the price and fortunately I got it. For some reason having web space, including several e-mail addresses is cheaper than having a proper e-mail-account with your own domain. Especially because the web space includes the annual fee for the domain. Having web space without using it would be a waste. So, I decided to have my own home page. But I am not fan of web development. That is the reason I am using a CMS.